Men's Cotton Socks


Do you want to feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time? KindSox is one step ahead with the super breathable, absorbent and soft cotton socks featured in a large variety of vibrant colours.

Whether you want to have a cosy day in with a cup of tea or jump into your shoes for an extreme hike, our cotton socks guarantee the support due to their softness that will impress you. Not only feeling good, but looking good as well. Our cotton socks are presented in a large palette of shades that will be the unique item of your outfit and make you wear it with confidence. 

Why don’t you compliment your outfit with a fancy pair of socks? Check out our latest collection of cotton socks for men and women and pick the pair that suits you the best.

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Why KindSox makes the best Men's Dress Socks on the market?
There is nothing else like feeling in your hand the texture of a seamless pair of quality soft socks. Yes, I am talking about the bulbous raised seam produced by the automatic joining of two long fabric sides, sometimes so thick that they rub on your toe line and this as we know is very painful.

Hand linking is an old technique where the socksmiths matches every single stitch that is sewn together to close the toe of the sock. In recent times many companies like the KindSox partners were able to rehabilitate some hand-linking machines. Unlike those automated machines, these work manually thanks to the skill of our expert socksmiths with decades of experience.

When you are wearing a pair of quality cotton ribbed KindSox socks, you are making a statement that you don’t like blending in with the crowd, because you are unique. Quality cotton socks for men are always in demand but unfortunately, most people turn to the cheaper alternatives cotton socks and end up with sweaty feet and blisters.


KindSox continues to spend time, money and resources on R&D in the UK to ensure the quality and comfort are apriority at every stage of the process in manufacturing the best quality cotton socks for men. At the same time making them fashionable enough to allow you to get compliments about your socks.


Westminster Collection of Men’s Socks Our Westminster Collection of the cotton socks were our first and best quality cotton socks made for men looking for quality and fashion combined in socks with over 12 colours to select from for dress and office socks with The Duke logo on each sock.


When others have turned to cheaper alternatives, KindSox stayed firm to its commitment to quality over quantity, even in difficult times.


KindSox's commitment and mission to support the homeless communities with socks is as strong today as it was when our founder Moe Nawaz launched the KindSox brand and concept. For every pair of socks purchased, we donate a free pair to the homeless community in the UK. This is only being achieved with your continued support.