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ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO. Bamboo fiber is one of the world’s most sustainable textiles. All of our Kindsox are recyclable.

PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP Bamboo & cotton dress socks are made with the finest 200 needle count.

KINDSOX STAY-UP TECH Socks re-engineered cuffs ensures your socks stay-up all day long without any discomfort.

FIVE X COLOUR RETENTION Fade resistant and formulated to stay true to its original bright or dark colours.

Buy One = Give One
Want to help make someone’s day? Through our buy one, give one model, our mission is to donate over a million pairs of socks every year to those who need them most. For every pair of Kindsox sold, we donate a pair. Why not join us?

So far we’ve donated over

22,137 pairs of socks.

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