14 Of The Best-Hidden Sock Styles For Men

Who doesn’t like the no-sock look wearing trainers or loafers? But do you like the mess your feet end up in with blisters or germs? We all love to feel of fresh air on our ankles as well as the nostalgia of holidays or warmer weather, not to mention it has it is a good look on most men.

But the damage to your feet is not the only problem, as not wearing any socks as your shoes, trainers or loafers can often get ruined by stains and odours. How many times have you tried to rescue a pair of your favourite trainers, loafers or shoes only to end up forced to throw them away or just accepted defeat as the entire house needs fumigating?

Fortunately, there are many options available to keep the no sock look and protect both your feet and shoes.

No show, invisible or loafer liner socks stay hidden whilst they protect the most sensitive areas of your feet and footwear.

No show socks help create a barrier between your shoe and feet whilst they will stay below the shoe line giving the impression you are going sock-less!

But inside your feet are comfortable, and they are not going to slip, smell, cut into your ankles or fall apart after a single wash.

Whether you opt for a thin knit pair of no show socks for dress shoes or need some padding or cushion around your feet whilst exercising or doing sport in trainers, there are so many different options available for you. We have listed our top 14 of the best-hidden socks styles for men.

1) Bombas cushioned no-show 4-pack

View them here

Bombas no show socks are designed for comfort while being specially engineered to ‘never’ fall down. There’s a challenge for you! Bombas Men’s cushioned no show socks provide maximum coverage and stay in place below the edge pf your shoe, exactly where they’re supposed to stay. The claim from Bombas is quite cute as they say, “The best-looking socks no one will ever know you’re wearing.”

2) M&Z Men’s Cotton Low Cut No Show Socks

View them here

Have you ever worn a pair of no show socks and had to constantly keep digging inside your shoes to pull the socks back up? No? Okay, maybe it’s just the way I walk! Well, these M&Z men’s cotton low-cut no show socks which have a mesh knit have three silicone strips at the heel so they won’t slide off.

3) Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks

View them here

When it comes to the best sellers, these no show running socks are the superhero version of a no show sock! One of the most popular purchases on Amazon, with 5-star reviews no less, these no show socks come with useful details like mesh vent panels for breathability and moisture-wicking fabric.

4) Vans classic super no-show socks 3 pack

View them here

Who doesn’t love the skateboard brand Vans? The Cali skateboard brand adds a dose of signature flair to their no show sock version, and even though others won’t ever see its there, you will, and that is all that matters! With their iconic logo covered, another nice feature with these socks is the trim, which goes around the edge of the top of the sock making sure it doesn’t slip down your foot when you are doing something other than skateboarding!

5) Stance Men’s Gamut Socks 3 Pack

Referred to as Mr Versatile in the men’s socks world, you should consider keeping a pair in multiple places in case you are ever in need of a pair of no show socks. You could have a pair in your gym bag, in your dresser and in your desk. Your feet, and your shoes, will thank you!

6) Nike Elite Cushioned No-Show Running Socks

View them here

When you go to the gym you can still rock the no show sock look with these no show running socks. Designed for a barefoot feel, the Nike Elite Cushioned Ankle Socks feature sweat-wicking technology and cushioning only where you need it most.

7) Seesily No Show Socks for Men

With some socks, you could be left wondering how they are created. Is it a tube, or they a square and wrapped and sewn or like these Seesily No Show Socks for men you can actually see all the different compartments that go into the making of them. The lovely patchwork design is made up of Seesily’s breathable blend of materials in order to keep the socks and your feet cool and dry.

8) Stance Gamut 2 super invisible socks

If you suffer from sweaty feet these are the pair of men’s no show socks to go for! They look like they would be sliding under your foot inside your shoe from the moment you put the shoe on but these no show socks continue to sit pretty and the extra arch support is a blessing!

9) Bombas Cushioned No-Show Socks

View them here

A little cushion goes a long way. Opt for extra support and you’ll move with ease throughout your busy day. Targeted cushioning furthers the easy-to-wear comfort of these sporty no-show socks knit from a stretchy cotton blend. These socks are built for walking so feel free to test them to the limits!

10) Vans Classic Super No Show 3 Pair Pack

View them here

These no super no show socks are the low riders of the no show sock world. You have to wonder how small these socks are going to get because Vans are in danger of not having enough space to splash their logo all over them. Made from a soft cotton blend to keep you cool and comfortable these men’s no show socks will never be seen by anyone. In fact, keep an eye on them as this small amount of material is going to find itself in many nooks and crannies!

11) Tracksmith Merino No-Show Sock

Merino No Show Sock

The point of these no show socks might be for them to go unnoticed, but on the rare occasion that someone sees you without shoes on, these no-show socks have a cool retro vibe you’ll be proud to show off. To add a superior function that matches the sock’s killer style, Tracksmith added the striped, ribbed band to give you extra support for your feet and mesh weaving on top to provide next-level breathability. No detail in the name of performance is too small. In that sense, this merino no-show is very literally more than meets the eye. The reinforced rib band running through the middle adds structure, while the back tab prevents sock slippage and slouch. Open pique mesh on the top of the foot provides breathability in an overall lightweight, low volume sock that’s ideal for race day.

12) Mack Weldon two-pack socks

2-Pack Everyday No Show Sock

Mack Weldon, a newish brand known for its mastery of menswear basics, has made a well-cut, no-fuss version of the men’s no-show sock. Each comes with two versions, and there are numerous colours and patterns to choose from on their website. these no show socks will not slip down and will stay hidden all day long!

13) Gap no-show socks 2-pack

View them here

14) Adidas Climacool Superlite 3-stripes no-show socks

When you look at these socks you know already they can take everything you can throw at them and still have room for another lap! A special fabric blend ensures that these socks provide a cooling sensation for the foot, to prevent overheating and sweat, plus there’s cushioning at the heel and toe for maximum comfort. The three Adidas stripes across the foot on these men’s no show socks make them a fancy little number for the gym!

So that is 14 of the best hidden, men’s no show sock styles that we have found out in the market today.

Let us know if you have any favourites from the list or any that are not on the list. Remember to check out all the Kindsox socks as well, although tempted to add some to this list, which we could easily have done so, we felt it better to let you take a walk through the Kindsox collection yourself.

Tell us what you like and anything you think we are missing, we always love hearing feedback because the mission we have is to give out a million pairs of socks in a single year.

In case you don’t know when you buy a pair of socks from Kindsox.com we donate a pair of socks to a homeless person. It’s amazing, right?

You see most homeless people suffer greatly with a lack of clean socks or somewhere to clean them so next time you are looking to add your burgeoning sock drawer, and probably a few lost socks as well, take a look at our collection and help us help them.

With winter drawing in they need all the help they can get and for the price of a single pair of socks, you get to feel all warm inside out helping someone as well as on your feet!

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